Zohreh Mohkbery Laguna Niguel, CA

"The first time I tried Stacy was over 10 years ago and I have been enjoying her work since then. She is not just a therapist, she connects with her client and communicates with her touch. She is very professional in her field. She is educated and knowledgeable about physiology of the human body , and she is able to work on it. She senses the point of the pain and knows how to release it. I am very satisfied working with her. I see her weekly when Im in the US."

Dr. Donald Ambrosan, Irvine, CA

"I have worked with Stacy Walker since 2006 and I see her between 2 and 5 times per month. I have Parkinson’s disease. I also have severe arthritis in my right shoulder. She has taken the time to research my issues in order to come up with the most effective techniques and approaches that may be of help to me. She is also alert to signs of other issues affecting me. Her work ethic is exemplary and I cannot say enough good things about her. She has strong hands which she uses to great effect for me, all while being good spirited, informed, and kind. There is nothing I would ask her to change."

Alex S, Ventura, CA

"I would highly recommend Stacy Walker for Advanced Massage therapy services. Stacy
provided massage treatment for me at the Center For New Medicine in Irvine, CA. I am a cancer patient there and also have terrible back and hip pain. Stacy did a great job of providing me with pain relief and was always willing to provide suggestion and demonstration of exercises I could do on my own to get relief at home. Im sure that anyone taking advantage of her services will be very satisfied."

Will Blackmon, Super Bowl 46 Champion

"Stacy is an amazing person and therapist. She is very professional and skilled at her job. I like the fact that she has a strong background in working with body builders and fighters, because that means she understands what the athletes need. As I am a professional football player with the NFL, I really appreciate someone like her. Usually after a massage I feel groggy and tired but after a session with Stacy I truly feel rejuvenated."

Dana Morgan, Director of Patient Services, Center For New Medicine, Cancer Center For Hope, Irvine, CA

"I have experienced massage therapy for many years including European Medical Spas. Needless to say my standards are rather high. When I heard of Stacy as a potential employee for our Clinics, I "interviewed" her through a massage. I have had back surgery and have constant issues with my back. She managed, in one massage, to rid me of tension and pain. She was hired! Dr. Connealy , M.D., the Managing Director, also "interviewed" her. She has been patient and kind with our patients, especially those with cancer. I recently had surgery on my eyes and was quite swollen/bruised. With great tenderness, Stacy managed to reduce my swelling significantly post op two weeks. I would recommend her for any Clinic."

Glenda Menges, Irvine, CA

"I am writing regarding massage therapist extraordinaire Stacy Walker. I have been a client of Stacy's since 2008. I am 62 years old and suffer from chronic muscle pain in my back and hip area and have been getting massages for the
last 20 years or so to control pain. I was using the services of a different therapist at the time I met Stacy. My other therapist was unavailable when I needed her and once I had a deep tissue massage from Stacy, the other therapist was history. I had never found a therapist prior to Stacy who knew how to work with trigger points and could relieve my muscle pain. She also gave me great advice on other techniques (for instance foam roller) to use between massages.
Since that time I have consistently had a massage from her at least twice per month. Stacy is dependable, consistent, cheerful and is just a great therapist!"

Vinay Khuarana, Costa Mesa, CA

"Ive been to Stacy Walker for massage numerous times and each visit she has gone above and beyond to truly take her time and due diligence in healing whatever injury I have currently. She really addresses the root of the concern and uses great knowledge, skill, and strength to properly heal. She has taken a vested interest in caring about her patients such as myself by educating the client as to the cause of the injury and how to prevent further damage. I find her far more helpful than anyone else Ive gone to, and after a session with her I immediately notice and feel a difference and have major improvement not experienced elsewhere. She has been a great friend to me and I have complete trust in her abilities and knowledge of healing the body. I have been to her for shoulder and upper and lower back concerns and each time she has been the one person who could make me well again. I train at a high athletic level daily so having someone who is well-versed in sports injuries is very important for me."

Brian Bias, Brian Bias The Wellness Biosphere Certified Wellness Consultant (440) 225-7676

"I have been dealing with a chronic injury concerning my lower back for about 25 years. I started out working with many chiropractors, which relief was always minimal and temporary. I also worked with many physical therapists and massage therapists with the same results, which was a waste of time and money. I met Stacy at Curl Fitness, Newport Beach, CA. Stacy was giving free shoulder and neck massages and I decided to participate. As she was massaging my neck and shoulders, I asked about her background and experience. She told me that she has been practicing trigger point massage therapy for 14+ years, at that time and sounded very knowledgeable. I sought her services due to the discomfort level becoming so significant that it was affecting my sleep, my work, and my lifestyle. At that time, I was working with a physical therapist twice a week and my body was not responding. The time and money was not justified. Stacy began working with me in June 2014 in which I scheduled 90-minute sessions once a week. She brought her table and 'tools' to my home, which was a major time saving convenience not having to travel to and from. It was an ideal scenario to receive the therapeutic work and just relax afterwards. After about six sessions with Stacy, I was able to get back to weight-resistance sessions. Stacy is very knowledgeable in her chosen field with a vast amount of hands-on experience. I have referred at least 15 of my personal training clients to her; all of them have praised her to me stating that she has helped relieve their chronic discomforts after just a few sessions. She is truly that good!"